Paul Iles smiles,
tells a dirty joke and smirks with dry saliva
keeps talking and evades in parallels and divides
a topic into five.
We thrive and try hard to keep up and alive
we are, he’s not, nevertheless he excels, we
don’t, in knowledge and in cynical poshness and
deliriant on-off stage, known to all, calm in
rage. He reveals the kindness the comfort of
a slipper, secure, like a saddle with only one
strap he gallops through the forest of meanings,
the deserts of concentration. Concentrates
and understands. Oh! He understands. He
understood! His understanding the size of Asia,
not on a map, but the actual extent of the Continent.
He grasped: just and explained never why he
laughed and never complained.
I never understood it all, oh how wonderful, the
open possibilities of the unknown, exactly where
you are now, exactly where you’ll never be.
Exactly, where are you now? No one understands
where you stand, where you stood.
Forever ours.
Forever your own.

In due respect and admiration.


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